A Who's Who of Local Birding Talent

Belinda Burwell, DMV:  Dr. Burwell is director of Wildlife Vet Care- a non-profit wildlife conservation and rehabilitation organization located in Clarke County, Va.  A naturalist and conservationist of amazing energy, Belinda is an invaluable resource for the rehabilitation of wounded or orphaned birds and animals, and gives a clear and thoughtful voice to the naturalist community of the Shenandoah.

JUDY & CHARLIE HAGAN:  Judy & Charlie are avid amatuer birders and nature lovers.  They are the concept originators of this website and own the Shenandoah Naturalists trademark.  Judy has been the primary co-ordinator for nine past Audubon birding festivals at Barnett Park in Winchester, while Charlie chases warblers and builds birdhouses in their garage.

Dave Boltz:  Dave and his wife Sue moved to Lake Frederick after 42 years in DC including 20 years as trumpeter in the U.S. Air Force Band.  Dave is an indefatigable birder and photographer and always has one eye on the Lake or some other promising area nearby.

Dr. David Carr:  Dave Carr is Director of the Virginia State Arboretum at Blandy Farm-- which was once a bucolic, sylvian, former antebellum plantation that now has become a bustling center for nature, botanical, and environmental study and education here at the Top of Virginia.  Dave is one of our most distinguished naturalists and has recorded sightings of over 200 species of birds at Blandy.  Always ready for a field trip (under any conditions!), Dr. Carr is typically the best eyes & ears of any expedition.


Jim Smith:  Our locally famous educator and naturalist, Jim Smith has probably brought birding into the lives of more people than all our other amatuer birders combined!  As president of our local Audubon society, Jim continues to deliver the Message for birding conservation with his Green Circle/ Abrams creek Wetland bird walks, http://winchestergreencircle.com/home/  where you can find him every other Saturday from April thru November.   Jim is also a persistent and incredibly sharp-eyed field leader who will spot that 'little brown job' about sixty yards before you can see the bush it's in!

Harry McCoy:  Isn't it great when you finally get far, far away from civilization-- way back into the woods where it's just you, the birds, the breeze-- and Harry McCoy!  Harry is an indomitable birder and no matter where you go, Harry probably got there first and saw the bird before you did!  A keen observer and strictly accurate lister for the seasons of our natural lives,  Harry keeps species lists at Winchester Green Circle and 3rd Winchester Battlefield along with his own life list.  If you're out looking for the birds, just turn around-- Harry's likely to be there!

Ann and Rob Simpson: This delightful couple represent the professional ornithological heart of our birding community. Ann and Rob are both award-winning biology professors at Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown, Virginia. The Simpsons regularly lead international photo, birding and natural history tours to many areas in the world including Kenya, TanzaniaMadagascar, Trinidad, Canada, Costa Rica, Belize, and the Galapagos—to mention just a few! As professional photographers, biologists and authors, Ann and Rob are noted natural history experts having spent years involved with research and interpretation in the national parks and other areas of the world.  Long known for their stunning images of the natural world, their recent publications include Shenandoah Simply Beautiful, Born Wild in Shenandoah, Born Wild in the Smokies, and Smoky Mountain Babies. They are currently working on a series of wildflower books and a series of nature guides for the national parks including Shenandoah, and also Blue Ridge Parkway. You can see their work at Simpson's Nature Photography http://www.agpix.com/snphotos or at http://snphotos.com